Medicine by hashtag

One of the many ways to use Twitter is by following a topic using hashtags. Hashtags to those of you who may not know, is the practice of putting a “#” in front of a topic name to create a conversation around a specific topic. I have used this technique mostly in conferences. Participants can sit in a big conference room and share comments and insights while a speaker speaks. (hopefully without appearing to be rudely inattentive). It can be a nice way also, to monitor what an audience is thinking, real time. Hashtags can but used for any shared topic- but I found a twitter conversation around a medical topic yesterday fascinating to follow. The topic was wristpain and the corresponding hashtag was of course “#wristpain”. If you log into twitter and search this term you find the discussion. It was a nice way to reach a huge audience of twitter users and promote very open questioning. (good marketing too, for the surgeons who do a repair procedure for the particular ligamentous tear discussed).