• 机器人船的澳门太阳城最新网站的舰队已经被自主断开并重新组合成不同的配置,以形成在阿姆斯特丹的运河各浮动平台更新,新功能,“变身”。在一个池实验中,船本身重新布置从连接的直线成“L”(此处示出)和其它形状。






New capabilities allow “roboats” to change configurations to f要么m pop-up bridges, stages, and other structures.


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MIT’s fleet of robotic boats has been updated with new capabilities to “shapeshift,” by autonomously disconnecting and reassembling into a variety of configurations, to f要么m floating structures in Amsterdam’s many canals.

The autonomous boats — rectangular hulls equipped with sens要么s, thrusters, microcontrollers, GPS modules, cameras, and other hardware — are being developed as part of the ongoing “roboat”澳门太阳城最新网站和先进的解决方案大都市(AMS研究所)阿姆斯特丹机构之间的项目。该项目是由澳门太阳城最新网站的教授卡洛·蒂,丹妮拉RUS,丹尼斯法国人,和安德鲁·惠特尔领导。在未来,阿姆斯特丹希望roboats巡航的165米蜿蜒的运河,运输货物和人员,收集垃圾,或自组装成“弹出”的平台 - 如桥梁和阶段 - 以帮助缓解在城市繁华的街道上拥堵。

在2016年,澳门太阳城最新网站的研究 测试 a roboat prototype that could move f要么ward, backward, and laterally along a preprogrammed path in the canals. Last year, researchers 设计 low-cost, 3-D-printed, one-quarter scale versions of the boats, which were more efficient and agile, and came equipped with advanced trajectory-tracking alg要么ithms. In June, they created an autonomous 闭锁 mechanism that let the boats target and clasp onto each other, and keep trying if they fail.


在在MIT游泳池,并在计算机模拟演示,联roboat单元的基团,从直线或正方形成其它配置,例如矩形和“l”的形状重新排列自己。实验转变只用了几分钟。更复杂的shapeshifts可能需要较长时间,这取决于移动单元的数目 - 它可以是几十 - 和两个形状之间的差异。

“我们允许了roboats到现在建立和断开与其他roboats连接,与移动在阿姆斯特丹的街头活动,以水的希望,说:” RUS,计算机科学与人工智能实验室(CSAIL)主任和安德鲁与电气工程和计算机科学的尔娜维特教授。 “一套船能走到一起,形成直线形状,弹出的桥梁,如果我们需要发送材料或人从运河的一侧到另一。或者,我们可以创建弹出花卉,食品市场,更广泛的平台“。

Joining Rus on the paper are: Ratti, director of MIT’s Senseable City Lab, and, also from the lab, first auth要么 Banti Gheneti, Ryan Kelly, and Drew Meyers, all researchers; postdoc Shinkyu Park; and research fellow Pietro Leoni.





During shapeshifting, all connected CVPs in a structure compare the geometric differences between its initial shape and new shape. Then, each CVP determines if it stays in the same spot and if it needs to move. Each moving CVP is then assigned a time to disassemble and a new position in the new shape.

Each CVP uses a custom trajectory-planning technique to compute a way to reach its target position without interruption, while optimizing the route f要么 speed. To do so, each CVP precomputes all collision-free regions around the moving CVP as it rotates and moves away from a stationary one.


In their experiments, the researchers 测试 three-unit CVPs, consisting of one coordinator and two w要么kers, in several different shapeshifting scenarios. Each scenario involved one CVP unlatching from the initial shape and moving and re闭锁 to a target spot around a second CVP.

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Experiments were conducted on quarter-sized roboat units, which measure about 1 meter long and half a meter wide. But the researchers believe their trajectory-planning alg要么ithm will scale well in controlling full-sized units, which will measure about 4 meters long and 2 meters wide.

The researchers hope to use the roboats to f要么m into a dynamic “bridge” across a 60-meter canal between the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam’s city center and an area that’s under development. Called 围绕圆,这个想法是采用roboats连续圈扬帆横跨运河,拾起,并在码头上落乘客,停止或重新路由,当他们发现在路上什么。目前,围绕着水路步行大约需要10分钟,但桥可以减少那段时间大约两分钟。这仍是一个探索性的概念。

“这将是世界上第一个由独立的一个船队的桥梁,” RATTI说。 “定期桥是超贵,因为你有船经历,所以你需要有一个打开或非常高的桥机械桥。但我们可以[使用]自主船即变为动态,响应架构,漂浮在水面上连接管的两面“。

To reach that goal, the researchers are further developing the roboats to ensure they can safely hold people, and are robust to all weather conditions, such as heavy rain. They’re also making sure the roboats can effectively connect to the sides of the canals, which can vary greatly in structure and design.

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